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Have fun with Family and Friends at Bluey’s Boat Hire in Melbourne

Bluey’s Boat Hire Melbourne is one of the many companies in Australia that offer boating services, but it is the only one located in Mordialloc Bay. The company has a luxury fleet of boats for relaxing – along with family and friends in a very safe environment and on a bright sunny day.


Mordialloc Bay is also home to great species of fish, thus you can get free tips on do’s and don’ts of angling. They also have a stall – where you can buy refreshments, bait, and tackle for those who want to go fishing.

A boat hire Melbourne fee covers the boat usage, the safety gear, the cleaning, and the fuel. You are also charged an extra $100 deposit – a safety fee, which is reimbursed when the boat is returned in good shape. These charges are normally fixed for an ordinary ride, but if you happen to stay for more than what you are paying for, you are charged upon returning the boat.

Similarly, when returning the boat early – you are given a voucher for the unused time, which can be deducted from your fee should you decide to use the Melbourne boat hire company’s services again. The voucher is valid for only six months.

Since most people who come here do not have any experience with boat riding, ordinary boats does not require a boat license – but a car license to take them out. However, boat hire in Melbourne requires that you should have a boat license for high-speed Ranger boats.

In addition, the age limit for riding ordinary boats is over 18 years. The boat’s passengers should also be above 3 years old and at least weighs 15 kilos because of the boat’s lifejacket design.

Anyone availing boat hire Melbourne services to have a good time with friends or go fishing is provided with safety gears, even if you are a good swimmer. This helps minimize any injuries or any fatalities due to boating accidents. Safety measures are always in line with the requirements of Marine safety Victoria as well.

When availing a Melbourne boat hire, you do not need to have experience in boat riding. There are trainers who will take you through the learning process, making you realize that it is actually very easy to operate.

When leaving the marina in a boat, you can go as far as 3 km in any direction. However, most people prefer to stay closer when fishing as most fish are found nearby. The boat hire can also pass through underwater reefs as you check out the wide range of fish species.

You will be told where to find unique varieties of fish as well, which you can take home as a trophy. For those who are above 18 years old, it is required by the State to have a fishing license. You can buy this at the stall for $2 for 2 days up to $24.50 for a year.

Some of the things you need to bring when you find boat hire Melbourne are car licenses, mobile phones, hats, sunscreens, and glasses. If you have your own fishing gear, you can also come with it. Check out for more information about the company’s services.